Thursday, July 7, 2011

My weekly shopping trip 7/7/11

I went to the store with a relatively small list so I thought that my total would be lower but I guess I was buying 4 or 8 of several of the items so it was more than I thought.
$176.70 spent
$120.68 saved
$0 Catalina's earned :-(
88 items purchased

included in my order was
2 packages sausage
3 family packs of boneless chicken breast
2 packages ground beef
4 gallons milk
2 packages Nathans hot dogs
12 boxes pasta
10 boxes popcorn (half of them will go to the food pantry)
2 bottles French's mustard
4 cans Goya beans
4 boxes Biz Stain Remover
1 carton eggs
8 packages Purina Chew-eew sticks
1 package butter
4 bags TGI Fridays chips
1 can Melitta coffee
2 packages bacon (not on sale or with a coupon but my son was begging)
1 bottle hot fudge sauce  (not on sale or with a coupon but ALL of my kids were begging)
1 package juice boxes  (not on sale or with a coupon but my daughter was begging)
1 bottle of Maple Syrup (I NEVER see this on sale but I don't like the fake stuff)
3 packages hot dog rolls (to go with the hot dogs and sausage)
3 loafs of bread
green peppers
2 containers orange juice
deli: cheese, turkey, ham & salami
chunk of Parmesan cheese (one of the items I just can't skimp on)
1 Freschetta frozen pizza
2 gallons ice cream
1 container of red and white popcorn bags ( one of the kids put them in the cart when I wasn't looking and I just didn't have the energy to argue when we were at the checkout)

The highlighted items are things that I bought to donate to the food shelter. They were either free or almost free and either I don't use the item myself or I have enough on my shelves that I don't need anymore right now.

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